Create a Meaningful Interior Design for Your Commercial Space

“Behind every attractive room, there should be a good reason.” – Sister Parish, American interior designer

Designing a commercial space can seem daunting at first. We know how important it is to relay an accurate image of your business and impress both team members and customers. That’s why Lider offers the best accents and accessories for your technological needs. No matter the type of commercial space, we want to help you achieve the perfect modern workplace with our products, as well as provide additional professional office decor ideas.

Color Psychology

We’ve all witnessed how professional spaces like office buildings fall short when it comes to color or personality. Black and white are great go-to’s but the use of the color traditionally lacks imagination. Modern design, however, revolutionizes these “basic” colors to become bold, stunning statements. Start with a neutral color as a base and create eye-catching, high contrast by adding sleek, black furniture to the workspace for a classic air of sophistication and professionalism.  



On the other hand, if your business strays from the classic or traditional, color is a great way to announce that. Bold and bright colors have a way of lightening the mood and adding a touch of creativity. If that is important to your business, this can be expressed through the color scheme you choose for your office and office accessories. 

For instance, orange is a color that inspires creativity. Each color used in a design can influence how employees or customers feel about your company, so it’s important to choose with intention.

Functional Yet Attractive Furniture 

When decorating a commercial area, choosing furniture can make or break your office design. Modern commercial spaces emphasize both functional and stylish elements that create a good design. From the type of office chair to the lighting fixtures, each decision can enhance the design of the room. 



Whether you are leaning towards a more traditional or unconventional theme, a quality set of office furniture will be a huge influence on the overall design. Impressive sleek modern office desks and comfortable desk chairs can set the tone of your commercial property.

Open Work Spaces

The days of small, isolating office cubicles are coming to an end. There are pros and cons to both, but modern workplaces are leaning towards an open layout where coworkers can interact as well as have space to breathe. This open space plan eliminates any sense of clutter or confinement in the working environment and helps inspire productivity. Consider removing walls or barriers in commercial offices so that employees can get some face time with other team members.  

Add Warmth 

Prioritize fresh and clean designs that inspire productivity and be cautious of clutter. Modern interior design emphasizes a simple color palette that provides a clean, but sophisticated feel. Choosing complementary colors and sleek textures on walls and furniture can help establish a minimalist, polished look for your business. 



Create a warm work area by adding decorative pieces on the walls or shared spaces. Adding warm woods to the black and white of traditional office spaces helps add a layer of comfort to a professional, commercial setting. 

Add Art

Be bold with your office decor by featuring an accent wall or wall art, like a gallery wall, in your commercial space. These types of daring interior design choices help display a company’s values and are creative and forward-thinking. Implement design choices that set you apart from your competitors in break areas or waiting rooms. 

When curating art for the space, a thoughtful touch is to implement artwork from small artists from the community your business is located in. This is a great way to connect with a local audience and show your business’s support to the city or town.

Add Natural Elements

Add elements of nature to your commercial space. For employees working inside all day, it is easy to miss the outside. Having an open space and recreation plan can be motivating.

Bringing in house plants and other natural elements like wood can help breathe life into your space. Optimizing the amount of natural light that flows into the room can brighten and add a layer of warmth to your office, so make sure windows aren’t blocked off. A conference room with great natural light can influence your office’s inspiration.



Encourage Personality and Expression

Giving team members the freedom to decorate their areas or desks can liven up the workplace. Desk accessories are probably the easiest and most cost-efficient way to decorate and add personality to your business. Simple touches like photographs or small personal tokens set on a desk can influence the way guests and employees feel about your business. 

Interior design plays a crucial part in delivering a message. What your commercial space looks like matters, and at Lider, we want to help. For more quick but meaningful upgrades, explore our expanding catalog of wiring control products for your office space.


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