Furnish Your Room With a Lovely Bed and Frame


A bedroom is a place of comfort and personal expression. A common but sometimes overlooked method of expression is the style behind a bed or bed frame. These two pieces of furniture can create a variety of statement pieces in your room. The bedroom has a long history that has led to the modern styles of beds available. Today we will discuss the historical roots of the bedroom, the evolution of the bed itself, options for a bed or frame, and how you can use these options in tandem with other furnishings to create a stunning bedroom statement.




The concept of the bed has remained relatively unchanged for thousands of years. Historians have found that the earliest concept of a bed was present 77,000 years ago in African tribes. They would weave together bed mats out of sedge grass, which actively repelled bugs thanks to its natural aroma. Many societies were relevant in the creation of the modern bed from there. Ancient Egyptians created the raised, rectangular structure we know today. And Ancient Romans popularized the use of the bed for recreation rather than sleeping with multiple types of bed per household. 

It was Medieval Europe that solidified the Western bedroom structure. During the Middle Ages, the concept of privacy didn’t exist. Entire communities would live within a great hall and all manner of activities would occur there. The lords and ladies that owned these great halls had a more private upper floor and bedchamber, but even these places were full of business and socializing. Royalty had beds crafted that were passed down the family line. Over time, beds and bedrooms became more ornate and less open to others.



In the late 19th century, the private bedroom became a part of all households. Children and house staff had separate chambers to wash, sleep, or play in. The Industrial Revolution and post-war economic booms brought new technology and design choices to the bedroom. And the generational trends of the 1900s only made bedroom design easier. 

Today, bedrooms stand as a place of luxury and comfort. TVs, memory foam, and more have made them the perfect havens. There are countless options for how to create a room that expresses your personality, all starting with the bed itself.



Beds and bed frames are now highly versatile and can act as the center of your bedroom décor. Some see bed frames as unnecessary, but there are plenty of reasons to have one in your room. First and foremost is additional support for your mattress. A good bed deserves a box spring, and a bed frame provides support so the bed will stay in place. Bed frames also help prevent mold and insect infestations by raising the bed off the ground. Some bed frames can also provide additional storage space. Beds or drawers can be built into frames as well. In general, a frame has a lot more purpose than mere aesthetics.




A bed and frame can create a unique ensemble for your room. There are many things to dabble in, such as the type of bedding or frame material. Look below for more on these options.

The simplest design choice for a bed is the linens you choose to dress it. There are so many different kinds, and each impacts sleep quality and style. Since they’re so easy to change, you can rearrange them until they match your aesthetic desire. 

Among the types of linen options, you’ll find different kinds of sheets for your mattress or pillows. Fitted or flat sheets and pillow covers act as a necessity for any bed since they add a layer of breathability and comfort. Comforters or duvets act as extra sources of warmth. And of course, there are blankets or quilts, which can add another layer of comfort while injecting some style. Any combination of bedding like these can create a special aesthetic flair for your bed.



As stated before, a bed frame is a versatile way to add extra style to your room. Frames can be classified into three basic categories: metal, wooden, and storage-based. Metal frames are the most basic of the bunch and usually focus on function over form. An ordinary metal frame is rather minimalist and holds the bed in place on a small platform. Wrought-iron frames can be molded into headboard forms to create an elegant yet sparse look. 

Wooden bed frames are perfect if you have a certain style in mind. They come in canopy, sleigh, or formal headboard formats. Each has a unique feel that will bring a lot to your bedroom. And with function in mind comes specialty storage frames. A trundle bed adds extra room for guests, as does a pull-out bed. Sliding drawers can be incorporated into wooden frames to open up space around the room. And ottoman frames come outfitted with hydraulics underneath, acting as an even larger space to store things.



The last thing to consider for the stylistic choices of your setup is the bed itself. There are countless types to choose from, from the size and shape of the bed to the artistic style at hand. Choosing your favorite is the most important part, as the rest of your design will reflect the decision. Would you like an unorthodox water bed? Perhaps a lavish day bed? Or something a bit more elegant, like a four-poster bed? Take your time deciding on the type of bed you want, and build out from there.




The bedroom is your design playground, a place to let your tastes run free. The bed may be the centerpiece, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing more at hand. The bedroom can be filled with all manner of furniture that can complement the aesthetic you’re going for. 

To start, a nice set of nightstands can help create a complete look. By placing a set that matches the style or color of your bed on each side, you can frame and echo the feel of your bed. The same can be said by adding a nice dresser to your room.



Adding an ottoman or bench to the edge of your bed can create a bold statement. It gives you some extra space to relax while allowing you to complement the flair of your bed. You can also create an interesting clash by picking a style that opposes your bed. A mirror of any size can accentuate the feel of the room based on where you place it. And its frame can be customized to fit your design.

A simple yet effective method of complementing your room is through lighting. Different lighting styles or colors can echo the aesthetic of the room perfectly. Adding a dimmer to your lights lets you customize the mood at will.




A bed and its frame are both highly customizable. Thanks to the multitude of woods and metals available, they can even complement each other. Brass frames present a new avenue, as does stained wood. Consider mixing and matching colors between your frame and sheets to get the most out of them. You can also focus the palette choices of the room based on your bed’s aesthetic flair. Make the room truly your own with the bed as your start.



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