Inspirational Tips for Your Home Office Interior Design 

Since the global pandemic, remote jobs have become increasingly normalized. Having a comfortable and functional home office becomes even more essential when working from home. 

A minimalist, modern interior design can be a perfect choice for your home office. It can help encourage productivity when working from home by limiting distractions and emphasizing organization. On the other hand, an inspiring, carefully curated maximalist space can spark creativity and encourage new ideas for your work. 

The options are endless. Whether you hire an interior designer or DIY your modern home office idea, we have tips to help get your imagination running:

Optimize the Design for Small Spaces

For small spaces, home office design ideas can seem complicated. A minimalist design is especially important since cluttered spaces can be stressful or distracting for many. Contemporary interior design emphasizes clean lines for the furniture and minimal but impactful décor for the rest of the space.

If you don’t have an extra room to spare, creating an office space in the nooks and crannies of your home can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are many ways that compact furniture can help save space and be implemented in even the smallest nooks. For instance, an empty wall in your living room can be transformed into a home office. Finding a fold-up secretary desk, a leaning desk, or a compact wall-mounted desk is perfect for space saving. 



Stay Organized

Achieving organization and efficiency in your office space makes work so much easier. A filing cabinet that fits underneath your desk or that is otherwise strategically placed is perfect for organizing and storing paperwork. Taking advantage of floor-to-ceiling space by including a hutch or other kinds of shelving storage, like open shelves, is the perfect way to make more space for your work material. 

Another way to stay organized is by adding a dry-erase board or a corkboard to leave your memos and to-do lists. This addition fills up blank walls. It also helps keep you on track with due dates and other important work notes.



Wall Art to Stay Inspired

The walls of your home office are important for setting the mood. Black and white provides a high contrast and clean interior design style. Gallery walls with inspirational art add a stylish element, or even accent walls that bring a pop of color.

Choose your favorite pieces of artwork to implement in the space, especially the ones that make you feel inspired. During the times you’re stuck or need a dose of creativity to continue your work, these will prove to be beneficial.  



Furniture with Personality

Selecting the perfect furniture for your home office is a huge step. The main components you need are obviously a desk and an office chair to work on. If space is not an issue, a comfortable executive desk can be a great choice. Mid-century modern design is also popular of late, and furniture from that era can add a warm, nostalgic vibe to your office.

Opting for antique, vintage, or second-hand furniture pieces can help save money. Furthermore, they tend to have better craftsmanship and are more likely to be 100% wood. Most generic furniture stores are mass-produced and made of synthetic, cheap materials. Also, by choosing pre-owned items, you are recycling and being environmentally friendly while decorating your home. 

Add Decorative Details

Home office decorating is a chance to let your personality shine through to your home office space. Choosing a luxurious high-pile area rug can help dress up the room. Placing a house plant nearby can liven up the space. 

The type of office supplies and seemingly non-decorative items you collect can become a small accent in your home office design. Instead of getting a boring old stapler, opt for a more stylish gold or unique color option. Similarly, upgrading standard outlets that can be an eye-sore with our sleek, fashionable receptacles and matching wall plates can spruce up your office space too. We offer several colorways that can match your work space’s color palette.



Cozy Touches

Since your office is set in the comfort of your own home, why not be as relaxed as possible? Consider bringing in a soft, fluffy throw blanket to wrap around yourself as you work and back pillows for your chair. These cozy touches can help contribute pops of color to the space as well as be utilized for your own comfort as you work.

Bright Lighting 

Good lighting is important to consider when brainstorming modern office ideas. Natural light is great to take advantage of with open windows. Adding a sleek, fashionable desk lamp will brighten your workspace.

We know the perfect modern office space where you can produce work you’re proud of matters. That’s why dreaming up creative designs for your home improvement is important to Lider. Our various color options and finishes can offer the perfect subtle pop of color and help personalize your home office. 

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