LIDER 3-Outlet Power Strip, USB Ports, 5 Feet Cord


help 3-outlet power strip with 1x USB Type-A port and 2x USB Type-C ports.

brush Modern and attractive colors.

settings 5-feet cord.

stars Low profile 45-degree angle plug.

shield UL-Listed. 1-year warranty.

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LIDER 3-Outlet Power Strip, USB Ports, 5 Feet Cord

  • The LE5-3RAC2 is a power strip with an ultra-thin, flat-plug design, a 5ft extension cord, 3x receptacles, 1x USB Type-A port, and 2x USB Type-C ports. The flat plug is set at a 45-degree angle to ensure that the bottom outlet is unobstructed. The device is designed for easy installation with no wiring required. Simply plug in.
  • Up to three electronic appliances can then be plugged into the outlet extender receptacles, along with an additional three total USB charging ports. This allows for more device control as well as a cleaner appearance. The 5ft cord allows the area around the outlet to remain clean while keeping any bulky plugs hidden out of sight. The power strip with a flat plug is perfect for inconveniently placed outlets, such as behind furniture. Use the wall plate plug for outlets on the kitchen countertop, in the bathroom, under desks, and more.
  • Specifications: 5ft cord length, with all hardware included; 125VAC, 60Hz; 1250W max wattage; 16 AWG; Type-C USB Rating 5V/1.5A per port; Type-A USB Rating 5V/1.2A.

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3-Outlet Power Strip, USB Ports, 5 Feet Cord, White


3-Outlet Power Strip, USB Ports, 5 Feet Cord, Black

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