Bringing Convenience to the Home: An Introduction to the Lider Humidity Sensor


Early this year, Lider quietly released our latest addition to the catalog: a humidity sensor. This humidity sensor enhances basic fan controls for bathrooms and other places prone to a humid environment. The sensor adds an element of automation to a typical fan control by detecting moisture changes in a room. This is great in preventing excess moisture accumulation that could foster mold and mildew growth. The air circulator component can also be set on a recurring timer, enhancing indoor air quality and a healthier living environment. The timer also allows further personalization and control over your environment. 


Like all Lider products, the humidity sensor’s design was inspired by modernity and minimalism. It boasts a sleek appearance with black and white color options, but more is likely to hit the market. 

The device is also very user-friendly to encourage accessibility in the home. Manually override sensors with a simple ON/OFF button. 


The Industrial Revolution transformed the landscape for technological innovation and production. While ventilation has been an important component of architecture for centuries, the revolution brought the technology, materials, and engineering advancements that would normalize machinery in the household. Even within factories, ventilation was essential since “workers were exposed to hazardous fumes, dust, and poor air quality, leading to health issues and decreased productivity.” Consequently, “mechanical ventilation systems, powered by steam engines or water wheels, were introduced to improve air circulation and remove pollutants from industrial spaces. These early systems laid the groundwork for the modern extractor fan, as engineers continued to refine and improve upon the technology.” (Source: 

Fast forward to electricity’s introduction in the late 19th century, it is easy to trace how ventilation and its control systems evolved into what we know today. With the right engineering and electric power combined, we have the blueprint for modern humidity sensor and fan control innovations. 

The seemingly simple bathroom fan switch of today has a rich evolutionary history. Modern advancements, such as the humidity sensor, are now being normalized by companies like Lider, enhancing convenience and comfort in homes. This progression from rudimentary ventilation systems in industrial settings to sophisticated, user-friendly devices in our residences highlights the continuous journey of technological innovation driven by necessity and the desire for improved living standards. The bathroom fan switch is more than just a functional component; it is a testament to centuries of engineering progress and the ongoing quest for better indoor air quality and comfort.

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