Living Room Interior Design Made Simple

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” –Charles Eames, American designer

The living room is an important space for spending quality time with family or entertaining guests. Oftentimes, it’s situated at the front of the home and is the first thing you see when entering. 

At Lider, we know that first impression is important to many, as well as maintaining room flow and functionality. Whether you envision a formal living room or something more cozy and intimate, follow some of these living room design ideas to get started creating your dream living space:

Tip #1: Furniture That Makes Sense 

When decorating a living room, the furniture pieces should be something you choose thoughtfully. A comfortable, open plan that is easy to clean is perfect for family rooms where your loved ones gather, especially if you have young children. So before choosing the living room furniture, think about the space you have available. 

Modern-style furniture is simple but visually appealing to the eye. Choosing a basic couch with neutral color upholstery, but then adding pops of color with your throw pillows and area rugs can be the perfect way to tie a room together. It also makes it easier to change up designs during different seasons by swapping out throw pillows and blankets. 

Tip #2: Unique Color Schemes

Modern color schemes are often mistaken for cold and colorless. This does not always have to be true. Paper-white is not the only option out there when it comes to modern living room ideas.

You can choose from different shades and warmth levels of white paint to add to your room. White walls can help create a clean, spacious feeling room while implementing earthy hues can instantly complement this and warm up the space as well as make for an eye-catching display. 



Choose warm woods for your coffee table and side tables to complement your neutral wall color. Add darker woods and colors like green, purple, blue, and black to make the room feel airy and cool. For more information on color schemes and palettes, see this blog

Tip #3: Room Flow 

There are many ways to arrange the floor plan or layout of your living room. One way is by creating a conversational space, with the couch and loveseats or lounge chairs turned facing each other in a circle. This creates an intimate, closed atmosphere within family rooms. 



On the other hand, you can open up the space and leave a clear area in the middle. This is achieved by arranging your furniture in a manner more suited to a home theater, with your seating options facing a piece of artwork or the TV. This family room idea doubles as a media room, perfect for watching TV or having movie nights with loved ones.

Tip #4: A Focal Point

Having an impactful focal point in your living space can help tie together the design. Some homes are fortunate to have built-in focal points that the eye naturally catches, such as the fireplace mantel or large, gorgeous windows that allow for great natural light. 



If this is not the case, there is always the opportunity to create your own personalized centerpiece with a large art piece or an accented wall using a unique paint color or wallpaper pattern that shows off your design style.

Tip #5: Add Interesting Shapes

Modern living room styles don’t just have to rely solely on linear, clean lines. When decorating a living room, many people’s goal is to create a functional, clean space that is still warm and inviting. A good way to achieve that is to mix those clean, bold lines that are the staple of modern design with organic shapes and patterns. Consider incorporating floor lamps with a wavy stand or round vases on top of tables to soften the hard, straight lines of the furniture. 

Tip #6: Keep it Roomy

If you’re working with limited space, or just want to maximize the look of your living room size, adding a mirror is a great way to provide depth. Another way to do this is by adding intentional pops of color to a neutral background like white. Spreading that color horizontally using pillows, vases, and so on across the space can provide an elongated perspective to the room.



There are endless possibilities when it comes to living room ideas and Lider is here to help. We know that having a comfortable yet still functional and fashionable living room design is a priority for many. That’s why our team works effortlessly to bring the space together with small interior design details that enhance your living space. 

Choose from our various products and colorways–a simple and quick solution to beginning your home renovation. No matter what your own personal style is, we are here to help you conceive your dream space. 

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